University of Mianwali


About US University of Mianwali (UMW):

University of Mianwali (UOM) was working since Dec 2019. Previously it is a sub-campus of the University of Sargodha. It was recognized by the Higher Education of Pakistan (HEC). Over 2500 students are enrolled in various departments. The campus has a separate administration block and two academic blocks.

University of Mianwali ( UMW )

The focus of UOM would be on academic excellence, innovation and research. Total faculty members (160) are highly qualified and very passionate about their work. They try their level best to maintain quality education. The primary purpose of UOM is to provide the best environment to their students and faculty in which they polish their skills and students can learn the enter the new era of the existing world. The University of Mianwali encourages a spirit of inquiry and criticism through research. The university uses a variety of modern mechanisms to adopt new technologies.

University of Mianwali Departments:

Department of Arabic & Islamic Studies

  • BS Islamic Studies (4 Years)

Department of Business Administration

  • BBA (Hons)

Department of Commerce

  • Com (Hons)

Department of Economics

  • BS Economics (4 Years)

Department of Education

  • BS Education (4 Years)
  • Ed (1.5 Years)

Department of English

  • BS English (4 Years)

Department of Psychology

  • BS Psychology (4 Years)

Department of Urdu

  • BS Urdu (4 Years)

University of Mianwali Departments:

Department of Biotechnology

  • BS Biotechnology (4 Years)

Department of Botany

  • BS Botany (4 Years)

Department of Chemistry

  • BS Chemistry (4 Years)

Department of Computer Science & Information Technology

  • BS Computer Science (4 Years)
  • BS IT (4Years)
  • BS Software Engineering (4 Years)

Department of Mathematics

  • BS Mathematics (4 Years)

Department of Physics

  • BS Physics (4 Years)

Department of Statistics & Data Science

  • BS Statistics (4Years)
  • Data Science (4 Years)

Department of Zoology

  • BS Zoology (4 Years)

University of Mianwali (UMW) Bachelor Programs Fee Structure 2021:




BBA              4 Years 25000
BS Chemistry 4 Years 25000
B. Com (Hons) 4 Years 28000
BS Computer Science 4 Years 25000
B. ED Education 1.5 Years 25000
BS English 4 Years 25000
BS IT 4 Years 25000
BS Mathematics 4 Years 25000
BS Physics 4 Years 25000
BS Urdu 4 Years 25000
BS Zoology 4 Years 25000

University of Mianwali (UMW) Masters Programs Fee Structure 2021:

Degree Duration Fee/ Year
M.Sc. Chemistry 2 Years 27000
M.Sc. Zoology 2 Years 27000

University of Mianwali department

UOM Prof. (Tenured) Dr. Islam Ullah Khan (VICE CHANCELLOR’S MESSAGE):

I welcome you to the University of Mianwali with the affection of a parent and the zest of an educational reformer. Since its inception in 2019, the University has been functioning with enthusiasm and verve. We have launched innovative research in various new disciplines and new academic courses, which will certainly help us create a milieu that is essential for acquiring lofty academic standards.

The University of Mianwali is committed to providing modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities to enable the students to update their knowledge in various scientific disciplines by providing access to contemporary technology. At the same time, the University has been quite successful in maintaining a balance between modern trends in education and its old traditions. Furthermore, the University aims to inculcate critical thinking and enhance the intellectual grooming of the students which is essential for becoming proactive, productive, and responsible citizens. In addition, the beautiful campus has an exclusive administrative block and two academic blocks where the administrative and academic activities are being carried out independently.

The academic blocks house state-of-the-art classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, the library, and faculty offices. A bachelor’s hostel for faculty is already functioning. To meet the growing needs of the University, the work on infrastructure development is moving at a fast pace. Since its inception, the campus has made tremendous progress both in academic and co-curricular activities with the dedication and hard work of the faculty members. Currently, more than 20 undergraduate programs are being offered in various disciplines under the Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities. We would not halt here and try to expand the sphere of academic activities by launching several new disciplines to respond to the new demands of society and the job market. The University intends to launch its M Phil/Ph.D. programs in selected disciplines shortly for which the preliminary work has already been completed. I am confident that in the coming years, we, as a team of highly dedicated professionals, will open new vistas and avenues in the field of higher education and research. We are determined to transform the campus into one of the highest seats of learning in the country.

Contact and Address UOM:
University Road, Mianwali
Official Email:
Phone: +92 459 920270 Ext 102
Fax: + 92 459 920271