Stanford University: Acceptance Statistics and Rates


Early Admissions to Stanford

The Stanford University School of Engineering and its counterparts at MIT have been releasing admissions data for the past 3 decades. In that time span, they’ve admitted 9.52 percent out of 7500 applicants with just one exception – a record number in 2020 when over 800 students applied (or 825 if you include those who took up an early decision). The combined rate remains above half-a–Ivy League schools like Yale or Harvard as well!

Early Admissions to Stanford

Acceptance into Stanford’s early round

Regular Decision at Stanford University

Stanford University has extended its policy of non-disclosure on the number admitted for the regular decisions to a new level. Last year, Stanford declined to release data about applicants who applied through their restrictive early action program and were successful last December; this time around they only revealed 2,057 students as part or all those accepted into consideration – not including waitlist candidates from other schools that had also been hopeful about being considered at Stanford.

We, however, expect Stanford’s numbers of applicants to be stable or slightly increasing and have estimated the total number for their Class of 2023. We estimate that the Stanford university acceptance rate is just below 9% with an overall admission rate of 4%. Based on past years it’s been around 49 thousand students vying for 2 587 spots available – but only those who make it through this rigorous process will do so!

Stanford University is growing and continues to offer admission to a diverse group of students. Last year 2,071 candidates were admitted into the Class of 2022 whereas in 2021 there was an overall 4.73% stanford acceptance rate 2021 for 44-thousand applicants vying for spots on campus two years ago!


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