Scholarships are available for Pakistani students at Oxford University


During the annual Oxford Pakistan Programme, launched by the Government of Pakistan in London on September 30th. The High Commission welcomed academics and researchers from all over Europe who are looking for scholarships to study at home or collaborate with their counterparts across borders through research partnerships between universities abroad such as Harvard University’s Asia Center.

The event was attended mainly by notable people including Malala Yousafzai; former editor-in-chief of “The Guardian” Alan Rusbridger; President Wolfson College Sir Tim Hitchens; Principal Linacre college since 2015 Professor Nick Brown, etc., just some names which we cannot go into details about here. All these VIPs showed great interest not only towards academic opportunities but also in how education can make a huge difference not only within you but also towards society.

Students who are enrolled in the Oxford Pakistan Programme will be given a chance to study at one of England’s most prestigious universities. It includes graduate scholarships for deserving students, visiting fellowships for Pakistani faculty members, and special lectures on Eastern philosophy! The programme was founded by two alums from this institution: Haroon Zaman (Oxon) & Talha Pirzada(citizen). The academic head Adeel Malik has pledged over £500K along with promises about future help as well- all because he wants better understanding between cultures through education.

Christian Turne, British High Commissioner to Pakistan acknowledged the importance of strengthening academic linkages between his home country and other nations. He says that 1 million people from Britain live in-country with a Pakistani heritage making them a living bridge for more than just cultural exchange; it allows these individuals to connect two cultures that have had historic tensions over religion or ethnicity like never before!