Cameron Impact Scholarship – Scholarship Apply Process


Sponsor: Bryan Cameron Education Foundation

Eligibility Requirements

Residency: U.S. citizen

Current applicant status: High school senior

  • Full-time study
  • Freshman year
  • Sophomore year
  • Junior year
  • Senior year
  • Any undergraduate study
Four-year college
United States
School must be accredited

  • Interview
  • Essay
  • Transcript
  • Recommendation(s)

  • Character
  • Leadership
  • Proof of eligibility
  • Academic achievement
  • Service to others

Those who want to be accepted into a prestigious four-year college must meet the following requirements: maintain an unweighted cumulative 3.7 or 4.0 GPA, have citizenship in the United States of America as well as being within high school graduation Class 2020 and enrolling full-time at accredited colleges starting Fall 2021 semester for their bachelor’s degree studies thereafter; they should also excel in various extracurricular activities such as nonathletic clubs/organizations, music groups (choir), academic honors societies like National Honor Society.

Scholarship - Bryan Cameron Education Foundation

Scholars have an opportunity to make a difference in their communities and around the world. They do this by being active leaders with strong work ethics who are candid, confident, engaged citizens of society. Scholars rise up to any challenge they’re faced with whether it be on campus or off-campus; from civic minded activities like community service allocating time into athletic clubs that will help them become more well rounded people both inside and outside academia as well as pursuing academic enrichment programs such as music lessons for things like performance art so not only can you show your skills but also gain knowledge about other fields which helps one broaden his/her horizons while still staying focused on academics And submit by the Application Deadline*: Online Application, Two (2) required Letters of Recommendation**, Transcript (unofficial is fine) certifying academic performance and (these letters MUST be submitted prior to the Application Deadline for an Application to be considered complete).

  • Do you want to be an accomplished, well-rounded citizen? If so, then apply for your spot in the Class of 2021! Not only will you have a chance at becoming one of our top students but also get involved with projects that make up who we are. Â We’re looking for those exceptional people from different backgrounds and cultures to build relationships within them as they grow socially and academically here on campus.

  • Scholarship
  • Private



  • 5/22
  • 9/11


Make sure to review the requirements before applying for this source of financial aid. Some organizations might have changed their policies, awards, or requirements since they provided you with information so it’s important that you’re aware and can confirm any changes through them if needed!