Acceptance Rates And Statistics For Duke University


University of Duke Early Admissions

In wake of the recent rise in applications, Duke University reported that it has increased their Early Decision acceptance rate. Last year 887 students applied under this program and accepted 840 – 49% went through with 604 applying before Nov 1st while 468 reapplied after Dec 31st or did not apply at all (for whatever reason). This means 555 more applicants will be admitted to class as early decision candidates for just next year’s freshmen class!

Admissions to Duke University in General

RD accepted at record low

The acceptance rate for the Class of 2020 is 5.7%. Out of 36,761 applicants this year—the highest number ever received– only 2,101 were accepted making it more selective than its Ivy League competitors such as Brown (7%) and Penn with their 7% admissions rates.81 edufied students who applied deferred admission also joined in on campus life at UVa

The class of 2023 will embark on new initiatives

For the first time, eligible high school seniors are now able to apply for a gap year and be awarded up $5K-$15k. The program is available at Duke University in Durham NC
and sponsored by the Olin Foundation which supports eco-friendly initiatives around sustainability issues such as climate change adaptation efforts or renewable energy generation solutions.”

Duke University is committed to a need-blind admissions policy, which means it doesn’t matter how wealthy you or your family are. In fact half of all students at Duke received some form financial aid from the university last year with tuition covered by an endowment worth $175M dollars! 19% came from families making more than $630K annually but less than 1%.