2021 PTV Internship Program | Paid 200 Internships


PTV Internship Program offers a unique chance for the intern to get paid and gain work experience in one of Pakistan’s most famous broadcasting networks. The internship program is not just limited to getting involved with PTV, as they offer interns an opportunity at becoming part of their vast media network that spans across all platforms such as radio broadcasts, television programming, news coverage etc. A few experiences you could have to include being on camera during live shows or taking charge behind the scenes by working closely alongside producers who are responsible for everything from show ideas (from scriptwriting) right through production!

The National Media Internship Program offers up to 200 students the chance to intern at an organization of their choice in numerous departments including News, Current Affairs, Sports and more. You can take on a one-year PTV internship that could be focused on any number of industries like Engineering or Finance– just name it!

Pakistan Television is a well-known broadcasting institute in the country. Over the years, PTV has expanded to nine other cities throughout Pakistan while it was once only available in one city. The show wants all interested Pakistanis who are graduates of BS/Masters programs from their province or city can apply for this national internship with PTV where they have offices nationwide such as Lahore and Islamabad. All those looking to get into media should take advantage now before more opportunities like these escape them!

If you want to be a part of the national media program in Pakistan, then this is your chance! PTV interns by joining the nationwide media internship will become integral and valuable members of our family. Here at PTV, we have many departments including News, Sports, Global Broadcasting (PSTV), Bolan TV as well as other channels like AJK Television or Parliament Channel on demand. The following article gives all necessary information about eligibility requirements for applying for internships with us here at Pakistani television- it’s time to join up today!

2021 PTV Internship Program:

Host Organization:

  • Pakistan Television Corporation Limited

No. of Internships in Pakistan:

  • 200

Host Country:

  • Pakistan

PTV Internship’s Areas:


  • Commerce and any other related field
  • Accounting

Human Resource:

  • Management Sciences
  • Business Administration and any other relevant field
  • Public Administration

Marketing and sales:

  • Marketing and any other related fields
  • Sales

Information technology:

  • Computer Science
  • Graphics
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animation or any other related field
  • Information Technology


  • Computer Engineering and any other related field
  • Electronics
  • Telecom
  • Electrical

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Benefits of Pakistan 2021 Television Internship:

  • One year paid internship for Pakistani graduates.
  • An opportunity to be part of the PTV family.
  • A chance to learn and polish skills while working the country’s oldest and then only national broadcasting house.
  • A platform to gain excellence in the media industry.

2021 Eligibility Criteria of the PTV Internship Program:

  • The candidate must be up to 17 years of age.
  • The candidate must have 60% marks or equivalent CGPA.
  • The candidates must have the domicile certificate of the concerned province in which they may apply.
  • There is no experience restriction to apply.
  • The candidate must have 16 years of education either BS or masters from HEC recognized institute.
  • The degree must be relevant to the fields offered in an internship.
  • There is no gender restriction to apply.

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How to apply for the PTV Internship Program 2021?

  • The candidates have to apply online at Jobs.ptv.com.pk.
  • In order to send the application by post, the application must be on prescribed performs.
  • The performs for the application can be downloaded from the PTV website.
  • The candidate should apply for one program relevant to the field.
  • The postal address on which the application must be sent is P.O.Box No. 1221. Islamabad or Deputy Controller Administration and Personal (ESTB) PTV Headquarter Office Constitution Avenue, F-5/1, Islamabad.

Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the PTV internship program 2021 is 15 August 2021.